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Cleveland can’t stand Heat, leaving kitchen.

The King has left the building.

What are you going to do now Cleveland? Are you going to wallow in your anger, hate, disappointment, and depression? Your city hasn’t seen a championship of any sort since 1964 and it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon. Oh wait, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert disagrees , in all caps no less. A bold statement by an owner like that would, at first, appear to be a rally cry for the Cavs faithful, but when it is surrounded by the rest of the content in Gilbert’s letter to Cavs nation, it is something completely different. Before really addressing the subject I would like to say that I am a Cavs fan, I am an Ohioan born-and-raised, and I think that the Cavs organization deserves more success than it has had in the past…well, forever. I say the same for the city of Cleveland. It’s impossible to describe to my friends and colleagues in the northeast (where I went to school) but the loyalty of the fanbase in Ohio; for the Cavs, Buckeyes, Browns, and the other professional teams, is something that isn’t found in a lot of states. A city like Cleveland hasn’t been “the best” at anything for 46 years…and yet there are lifelong fans who still go to games and believe in their teams; it’s extraordinary. So I understand the heartbreak and disappointment that stems from a [The] Decision like last night’s.

However, setting aside all emotion, Lebron made the decision that will benefit his basketball playing career the most. People have already lashed out, writing that Lebron’s legacy and reputation is tarnished and can’t be fixed. While his reputation may have taken a hit for being a follower, not a leader, or being a deserter and leaving his hometown…that reputation will be fixed if he wins even one championship in Miami. Cleveland will never forgive Lebron for his Decision, but the rest of the NBA will get over the unnecessary drama and understand that Miami, perhaps not this year since they need a decent bench behind the trio, is the force in the league now.

Hilarious but true retweet on Twitter: “Haha RT @iNetwork1914: “Hey Cleveland, if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it.” – @KingJames#Lebron” This brings up my next point. Lebron made a decision to win a championship…and probably many more than one. He didn’t make the decision for money, or for anything else. For the better part of a decade the Cavaliers consistently showed that they were not capable of creating a team around Lebron. They catered to the King, except for actually bringing him players. Bringing in Jamison instead of Stoudemire? Laughable. Bringing in some Diesel to fuel the fire? Exceedingly risky and a failure. Above that, there wasn’t any coaching. “Give Lebron the ball and clear the lane” is not a winning strategy; Lebron’s pure unrivaled combination of size, speed, and skill made that strategy successful…until there were people big enough to stand in Lebron’s way.

I would absolutely love to go on a long-winded rant about Cleveland being unjustified in trying to place the last 50 years of disappointment onto Lebron’s shoulders. Lebron didn’t “abandon” you, he made a business decision in a league that measures success on championships. Cleveland is the anti-championship city…it may not have been if Lebron had a Scottie Pippen, Pau Gasol, or, you know, a player alongside him. Lebron “quit” in the playoffs and look at what his team did: For almost two minutes in their final season game they walked around; nobody on that team is capable of playing ball without Lebron….yet Lebron gets the blame for everything. Save it Cleveland, Lebron may have failed you in bringing a championship to your city, but you failed him in giving him a way to do it.

Lebron is on the Heat, the Cavs are feeling it. Show Lebron what he left behind Cleveland, beat the Heat when he comes to town and prove to the rest of the NBA that you’re a team, and not a Kingdom.

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