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Union College Ranked 49th Best College In The Country

The recent Forbes list for America’s Best Colleges was just released, and Union College was ranked #49, just making the top 50. I have to say congrats to the Union College community, especially after a recent list being released saying that Union is also the second most valuable education out of all party schools in the nation. Union is ranked right between Davidson College (48) and Lawrence University (50). The Top 3 of the list is filled out by Williams, Princeton, and Amherst.

And to deter everyone complaining from the costs Union is ranked 66th in this category at just over $50,000/year (thank you mom and dad for essentially paying a Mercedes’ worth for four years straight).

However, Union fails to make the Top 100 in the “Best College Buys” list, ranking schools on how much bang for each tuition buck you spend. Union might want to work on that a little more seeing as how many schools on this list are extremely large public universities not exactly revered for being “top quality” schools. Maybe the 50 grand should be used towards getting onto this list, one that is important in these economic times.

So Union students, and other readers, any thoughts on these rankings? You can view the lists and rankings on the Forbes.com website.

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