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Lebron James one-upped by his #5 guy

August 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Good-bye to you Big Z

If you haven’t heard recently, Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavs to pursue an NBA Championship in Miami. If you’ve heard that, you’ve probably also heard of the extreme backlash from Cavs fans (burning jerseys, kicking Miami Heat fans out of baseball games, and the like). I, like few do, understand James’ goal: he wants to win, and doesn’t matter how he does it. Another teammate of his feels the same way, Zydrunas Ilgauskas. The Big Z has left Cleveland at the same time, to play for the Miami Heat. But why has he not met the same fate as James at the hands of Cavs fans? Oh yeah, because he’s a classy guy.

Big Z did took a different approach in thanking the Cavs fans for their support over the years, instead of publicly ditching the franchise on national television during an ill-advised publicity stunt. He wrote Cleveland a letter…yes, that’s all he needed to do and he has officially shown why he is, and will always be, loved and revered in Cleveland. No publicity, no TV specials, not even a crown-shaped cake in Vegas.

I think Ilgauskas did something that James could never do…he moved quietly. He paid his dues in Cleveland for 14 years, and is able to move on saying he put his all into the franchise. I think he certainly has, and deserves the ring he was never able to get in Cleveland both with, and without, Lebron James. Ilgauskas, you are one classy guy and I wish the best for you in Miami.

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