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Facebook Should Follow Twitter

September 14, 2010 Leave a comment

Twitter's new user homepage

Earlier today Twitter announced that they were on the verge of releasing an all new Twitter experience. If you’d like to read more about it go to Twitter’s homepage . In a nutshell this overhaul brings in features like tabbed browsing (through the feed, mentions, retweets, etc), videos and pictures directly in your feed, mini profiles, and more. It is a completely new way to Tweet, Follow, and is an incredible update that I predict, and in agreement with Mashable’s recent post on the subject, will make the website insanely more popular and easily monetized for businesses.

This is how you will view Twitter vids and pics in the

That’s not what this post is about. This post is about how Facebook should “follow” (get it?) in Twitter’s footsteps about how to update/change a website layout, and functionality. Facebook has angered plenty of people with their somewhat frequent home page, profile, and news feed changes over the years…I myself have been very angry about this since Facebook hasn’t even perfected basic features on their site such as Search and Chat. Why update things without warning, angering your users (aka your monetary value), without fixing the things that actually need fixing?

Twitter is doing something extraordinary when you compare the process to Facebook’s lack of notifications, customer service habits, and apparent lack of hearing when it comes to user feedback. Twitter is slowly rolling out the new website in a preview mode that will allow all users to switch back and forth between the old and new sites at will. This will allow users to get accustomed to the features and layout of the new site at their own pace. Eventually everyone will only have access to the new site…but at least Twitter is doing what Facebook has never done, letting users know what’s happening well before it happens. Maybe they learned a few things from Facebook’s mistakes as well. It always sucks being the big man on campus when trying new things doesn’t it FB?

Advertisements Website devs have new way to get feedback, rejoice.

Check it out for yourself, is the next step in web design feedback. It allows users to specifically outline parts of a website and then critique it and provide feedback…then publish their thoughts on Facebook and Twitter. The potential for a site like this is very high. Web designers now have the ability to connect with their users without using traditional email and feedback form letters most sites utilize today, and are able to connect to the hundreds of millions of social media users on Facebook and Twitter to get the greatest possible feedback. The site is a bit difficult to figure out but here is a very brief description of what you can do:

Enter a website URL into the homepage and Bounce creates a screenshot of that site and loads it up. You can then click and drag a box over any portion of the site you’d like and a dialogue box pops up, allowing you to provide your own personal message/thought about the highlighted portion. You can then save your feedback and publish it to Facebook and/or Twitter so that your friends and followers can see what you think. I haven’t had a chance to play around with it enough to become fully knowledgeable about the site, and what it is capable of but the impression has been made: this site can be huge for devs and companies using social media.

So what do you think? Check it out for yourself:

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