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Sony Ericsson Developing PlayStation Phone

August 12, 2010 Leave a comment

For those of you who are in tune with the video gaming world, it is well known that the Nintendo DS is the supreme ruler of mobile gaming. Sony, with it’s PS2 absolutely dominating the console market in the early 2000s tried to get into the handheld gaming industry by introducing the PlayStation Portable, or PSP. The device isn’t of bad quality, it’s just worse quality than the Nintendo DS and has not caught on in the market like Sony is used to. However, this may be about to change.

You haven't won yet Nintendo...maybe

Sony Ericsson has been reportedly “actively” developing a new gaming platform that is very similar to the PSP, but is also a phone. This could be a revolutionary product, provided that it is well made and does the whole phone thing as well as game playing, since there is no other device like it currently on the market. The mock-up of the product below is not the final version, so we can’t know exactly what it will be like but it gives you an idea:

Sexy = PSP phone

And if you’re observant, or just have a phone with it, you may recognize that the phone is running Android in the above picture. Yes, the PSP phone will be running Android, and not any lame Froyo 2.2 version either, this guy is rocking Gingerbread: Android 3.0. I like to compare it to the Terminator in T2 vs. the Terminator in T3: Awesome cool guy who can do stuff but gets blown apart and melted vs. Super sexy model chick who is the only girl with a “gun” that you look at with envy/arousal. Android 3.0 with a custom skin will make this phone not only the first with a great gaming platform, but (possibly) one of the first with a super sleek look on the increasingly popular and customizable Android platform. I am stoked about a product like this because, while being a loyal Sony customer (never had any console except PlayStations), I never purchased a PSP because it didn’t offer many games I was interested in playing while on the go. Now there’s a phone attached to it with a great operating system, and one that is extremely powerful, so I will find it tough to argue against buying a product like this.

Oh yeah, and it’s rumored to be coming out as early as October this year.

What do you think, world? Is Sony going to be giving you something that you want? Read more details about the phone on Engadget.